Ironman Oceanside 70.3 (2018) A turning point

I refer to this race as the holy shit race.

This is the race that I realized it was time to make a decision to go on this journey or not.

I had taken two ish years off of racing and real training.  During those two years my body completely changed and not for the better.  I was experiencing emotional and physical challenges all over the place it was messy.   It was definitely not the best of times for me.  I made the decision to sign up again for Oceanside which I had not done since 2015.   I was completely out of shape and I knew I had a bit of a long haul to get back into racing shape for a race like Oceanside.

My first runs back into training were HARD and I was only able to go short distances.  My bike training was exclusively on the rollers working my way back into some sort of bike fitness.  A ridiculous amount of doubts came over me on a daily basis and it was a messy daily conversation with myself filled with doubts and more messyness 🙂  One of the things that kept me going was remembering how far I had come from no fitness to doing Half Ironmans a number of years ago.

THE RACE :  Leading into Oceanside I came down with the flu and ended up having full blown flu for at least 10 days which halted my training.  Because I did not have a long term base yet it affected my fitness pretty significantly.  It was pretty tentative as to if I would race or not because I was still sick a week before the race.  My awesome tribe (Bryan (my husband) and Sydney (my daughter)) made it clear that everyone including me was going to Oceanside and if I raced was up to me after we got there.  This made a big difference in my focus on getting better.  It had been very challenging to stay positive while not training and being in the flu.    Also because I was not training for so long leading into the race my menstruation began again after not showing up for 9 months.  I got my period 4 days before race day for the first time in 9 months.  At first I was pretty upset about this and then I yielded to the trust of nature (I actually did a Mother Nature things for this) and once I trusted it stopped the next day.

A day before the race I was feeling much better but not 100%.   I decided to race and just see what happens knowing that this race was all about committing to get back to my health and wellness.

SWIM:  Oceanside race director change the swim back to the original course (only a few days before the race) which was a very smart decision based on big surf that most age groupers would have challenges with.  I achieved a Personal Record in the swim mostly by swimming VERY Smart.  I knew my fitness wasn’t super awesome so I turned on the tactics and created a PR for myself.

BIKE:  This is where is all fell a part and my body wanted to remind me that I was still sick lol.  Ten miles into the bike it was like my energy level just shut off.  It was clear that my body was still sick from the flu.  BUMMER but I knew that it was still important for me to continue even at a slow pace in order to show myself I could get through things and start this journey.

RUN:  This was a just get through the miles run.  My body was pretty much done with me trying to race with the flu.  This was one of those crying at the finish line kind of races and that definitely happened.

AFTER:  I looked at the results for athletes in my age group and saw the incredible times of the women on the podium 50 – 54.  Also, keep in mind Oceanside is a fairly hard course.

Winning time in women 50 – 54 at Oceanside  5:05:56  / second was 5:06:49 / third was 5:07:31

That’s when I said Holy Shit!! These are officially Holy Shit numbers! My mind immediately turned to well why can’t I accomplish that too?  I have the skills and expertise and tramendiously successful experience to create the training and all areas that surround it for athletes to achieve extraordinary progress ~ why don’t I do that for myself as well as my elite athletes?  This was a BIG question to ask myself!!

This is where is all began.

I realized I want to accomplish holy shit numbers and share the journey so that other women will realize what is possible too.

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