Always choosing to thrive

I realized fairly recently that thriving is all about choosing to thrive and not compromising my thrive.  I started making choices that supported my thrive instead of compromising myself or my thriving to make room for things that did not support or serve my health or wellness (mind, body and life).  It’s a pretty awesome way to make choices.  If it compromises my thriving then I choose no if it supports it then it’s a yes.  Sometimes people don’t like my answer and that is totally ok with me because I want people around me who honor my thriving as well as their own.  This helps SO much in all parts of life.  In nutrition, in sleep, in people, in things I say yes to and things I say no to ~ it all goes through my thrive filter.  Sometimes the filter slips a little and I need to make big adjustments.

I find that so many people compromise their thrive.  Most people are sucked into whatever lifestyle or compromises are going on around them that they don’t even see how their thrive is being compromised.  Remember it’s not selfish to thrive it’s actually necessary in order to be healthy, happy and well and reach your life potential.  When you honor your thrive it helps so many others in honoring theirs.

You are worthy of health, wellness and happiness and YOU are worthy of reaching your life potential.

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