6.5 weeks till race wetsuit swims

6.5 weeks until Palm Springs Ironman 70.3 and it’s time for wetsuit swims.

This morning outside air temp 44F / 6C sunrise wetsuit swim in the pool 6.5 weeks till race day Ironman Indian Wells 70.3 (Palm Springs) where the water temperature will likely be approximately 55F / 12C ~ don’t let the Palm Trees fool you.

I add in wetsuit swims in the pool as I approach each race because it gets my body used to the feel of swimming in a wetsuit.  Also, wearing a wetsuit puts pressure on muscles a slightly different way and it helps to activate those areas with a full sleeve suit.

Thoughts:  Sometimes we need to do things that are uncomfortable but very healthy.  If I have a hard time doing those things ~ like getting up early when it’s cold out and putting my wetsuit on and getting in the water ~ then I simply focus on one step at a time.  Get up and then get there and once I’m there I might as well get it done.  Also, it’s fun to do things that make you feel kickass.   BUT my biggest motivation is the swim start of my race.  When I’m standing there for swim start I want to feel that I did everything I could to prepare for it and that includes getting myself into a pool when it’s cold outside and with my wetsuit on.  Soon I will be getting myself into the lake when it MUCH colder.

Temperature is a tricky thing for me lately because my body has entered menopause.  This is a time where hormones are working on regulating which means it takes a little longer to cool off and a little longer to warm up.  Sometimes I notice this and give myself a moment to accept it and move on.

Show up and be brave sisters and do things that are uncomfortable and really good for you

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