Self Development Inspiration

Everything is YOUR choice

Everything is YOUR choice!  This is such an important concept to remember through life ~ that you are never ever stuck!  I am continually reminding myself that everything is my conscious choice.  Everything you have created so far in your life has been your choice ~ you have chosen it and created it.  Anything you want to create in your life is YOUR CHOICE.  Don’t kid yourself into believing things are stuck  ~ because everything you want to create is doable you just need to make those choices to make it happen. Or change what you need to make it happen.  Everything is YOUR choice YOU have the power to create what you want in your life.  You may need to make small or big changes but remember YOU have the power to make those choices and create what YOU want.

Training:  I am in the pool a lot more this week because this weekend I’m running a half marathon in prep for Iroman Indian Wells 70.3  (Palm Springs)

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