Personal record half marathon

I achieved my best time and pace for a half marathon! This was my test event to see where I am in my run training as I lead into Ironman Indian Wells 70.3 in December.   This event has shown me that I am faster and stronger than I thought I would be at this time.

I have been particularly patient in my run training in order to build a really stable base of durability in run while staying strong and injury free.  I was not completely sure how much progress I had made for a longer distance run, however, this race showed me that I am making impressive progress in a much shorter time than expected.   I only recently began real training again ~ it’s been only a matter of months.

I am fairly patient in my training ~ partly because I am an experienced elite coach and I understand the value of patience and consistency in training and because I strongly believe in doing things the right way and that takes time.   This may sound usually confident but the truth is I know I am an exceptionally skilled coach so I trust my own training.   Also, in training and in racing I have developed a great trust that things will always work out or will always be valuable.  This is a point of view that has been with me for as long as I can remember.

My emotional balance in this race was great.   I stayed emotionally even to positive for the majority of the time out there.  Staying in the moment is something I have consciously worked on for years.  It’s been a life gratifying part of my journey.  As far as specific tools I use to stay in the moment and balanced I can not list or describe them all right here but I promised a great many of you that I would begin re-publishing lessons on the tools that I use as well as some valuable downloads you can use easily yourself.  This will be launching soon.  🙂 In the meantime, I do daily meditations and some breathwork and a certain kind of journaling.  As you read through my journal posts here you will also get a feel for my perspective and how I approach and view things which is helpful in creating calmness, deeper self belief, balance and emotional health in training, racing and life.

Nutrition:  I used Osmo hudration for women (2 scoops)  /  I had a honey stinger gel during the race and after my recovery drink was Osmo recovery for women

Recovery:  Especially during high volume training I do a lot of trigger point releasing on myself, cupping & other tools as well as certain kind of stretching to keep my body very balanced and healthy.  Including a number of other recovery methods.   *I’ll be covering some awesome different kinds of recovery tools in upcoming posts and downloads for you

Race:  Folsom Blues Half Marathon

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