Wildflower Triathlon 2018 (unplugged)

It’s pretty awesome what happens when people don’t have access to technology.  The Wildflower Triathlon is not just a race but a camping experience.  ALL athletes, spectators, staff and everyone else pretty much has to stay on sight at the camp grounds which is only open for the Wildflower triathlon.  This is because it’s in the middle of no where.  This was the comeback year of the Woodstock of  iconic races and it was incredible.  I did not race this one, I coached it this year.  While I was there for the four days of full on triathlon and camping experience I gained some serious realizations about the impact that our sport has on so many people’s lives.  When many people gather together in one place for days and they have little to no access to internet it’s pretty special what happens ~ you get to hear the deeper truths from people which makes it all so much more real.

I realized sitting my my tent writing in my journal that I had still not fully committed to my own journey.  Commitment is an interesting thing.  I realized as I wrote my reflections of the moment that I would have to really care about MY journey and commit to becoming as strong and healthy as possible in order for me to create all that is possible for myself.  I was still unraveling they ways I had been doing things in the past of not committing to self.  Lying in my tent I started fully realizing I need to brush off the past ways of doing things and begin consciously focusing on self.

A little training:  While there I did a bunch of training runs while I was there and they were all awesome runs full of energy because of the atmosphere.

It was a weekend of REAL camping, awesome racing and meeting new people and sharing stories around campfires.  The meeting of new friends and seeing old friends and amazing personal experiences was all possible because everyone was unplugged.  I loved it! I’ve traveled to a lot of pretty posh places (around the world)  in my life and this kind of experience is by far the most life changing for me.  I’m not interested in fancy hotels or posh restaurants I’m much more interested in earthy experiences, adventures in nature and real people.   I’ve experienced both kinds of travel and adventure enough to know what is truly satisfying and life changing and inspiring for my soul.

I love it when no one can get cell service!

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