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Family judgement of your journey

I want you to know that so many people struggle with family judgement.  Usually the judgement comes from extended family but sometimes from immediate family depending on the circumstances and sometimes it comes from the people who choose to surround yourself with. Please do not allow others to affect your awesome personal journey.  There are SO many reasons why people judge or try and create doubt or guilt.  However, there are no acceptable reasons for people to do this or for you to take it.  Yes there may be reasons that create this kind of behavior like uninformed, closed minded or simply broken or angry individuals BUT that is still no reason for them to act in that way or for you to accept that into your life and your journey.  I have witnessed a great amount of judgement in my time as a triathlon coach and triathlete and I know it’s challenging to hear others negativity about your journey.

Approach it from the perspective of a mini test in self belief.  Since obstacles are actually part of your journey you can use their doubt judgement or guilt trip as a test of YOUR strength and self belief.  The more self work you have done along the way the easier it will be to hold strong during these mini tests.  For example, if you have already done the self work on understanding the extraordinary value of your own health and well being and the power of your journey to inspire others you will be able to easily sail through someone trying to create doubt or guilt for taking the time to train or time to create or time for yourself and the lifestyle and journey you want.

Also, if you have done the self work on the meaningfulness of your journey you will easily sail through the doubters and not have any interest in engaging in their debate of your value.

Note to self that is very important.  I do not have to convince anyone else as to the value of my journey.  My journey is important to me and I am important and anyone who tries to convince me otherwise should not be in a conversation with me.  I know that sounds harsh but you will be surprised how people shift in their treatment of you when you stand in the energy of self worth.   I do not engage in any debates that discuss the worth of my journey or the worth of my time or my goals ~ those subjects are sacred and are not up for debate.

Do not allow others to debate your judgement or your journey.

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