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Journal prompt ~ without fear

Journaling is one of the most powerful self development tools.  It’s one of my favorite tools for healing, for manifesting , for processing and for making the choices that create the life I want.   I find journaling prompts to be very effective.  Physically hand writing has such power ~ I’ve experienced it first hand it’s magic.

Here is a a recent prompt that can really open things up for you.

What would I do if I had no fear?  What would I do if I had no fear at all.  

Then write selfishly ~ don’t worry about anyone else just YOU.  Don’t worry about fitting anyone or anything into your crazy awesome stuff just do this one for YOU.  Don’t hold back go all out with everything you would do if you had no fear.  Get crazy and write big awesome crazy things that you would do.  It’s such a healthy prompt because it gets you to think bigger without barriers ~ it expands your thinking and your infinite possibilities.   As you expand your infinite possibilities you will find some amazing things and in turn that will teach you to think in expansion for yourself.

So much of this is about training your mind to think outside of the same old patterns and to see possibilities that are outside of those restrictive patterns you have set up for yourself.

When you use this prompt I would love to hear about it if you would like to share your experience ~ send me a message and let me know.


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