Leading the Zwift women’s ride

It’s been such a totally awesome experience leading the women’s ride on Zwift!!  On our last ride we had 65 women from 18 different Countries.  My intention for creating and leading this ride is to give women a space for real girl power on the ride.  So that they had a place AND a riding space to come together from all over the world and be with other women who are supportive and badass in all of their own ways.


My goal is to create and hold space for them to feel their strength, their personal power, their possibilities and deeper self belief while riding their bikes.  Yes I actually intentionally work on created all of that on each ride 🙂 On this ride I lead everyone into questions that make them really think about and realize the fact that they have SO much power to create their own success.  It’s a place they can post their achievements and badassness and discuss their goals without judgement and with support as well as be goofy, themselves and have some fun.  AND that’s a powerful thing while in the energy presence of women riders around the world.

If you are not already on Zwift yet I encourage you to consider it.  Zwifting has made my bike SO much stronger and so much more fun AND it’s way more convenient for people with busy schedules.  I plan on doing some upcoming videos explaining how Zwift works and how I use it in hopes that it will help those who are curios and not on there yet.

This video is a clip of one of our rides in the last few weeks

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