Training Personal Records

Personal record in bike power

I just achieved my best power numbers so far on the bike.  My goal for this ride was to ride as close as possible to 3 W/kg (watts per kilo) for the full 12.5 miles of the Tour of New York Stage 5 (Zwift).  This was a hilly course so keeping power up on the downhills was a bit challenging.

I attribute much of my badass power achievement today to my nutrition getting really dialed in (daily & in training) AND some great work doing the right kind of training that is REALLY working!  Progress, especially such large progress as this, is truly a culmination of a number of things, however, these are the main two.

I PRed (Personal Record) in my:

5 minute power

10 minute power

20 minute power

Badassness all around

This means that I can push more power (I am stronger) for the 5 min period, the 10 min period and 20 minutes.

AND a BIG jump in FTP 8.5% (which is how much power you can push for 20 minutes straight) So basically I can now push 8.5% more power than I did in the past.