Sisters it’s not selfish you have it wrong

Something that a great many women struggle with is dedication to their own growth, health and wellness this is why I love triathlon because it truly forces the focus of self growth.  There are so many reasons for this one of which is the centuries of patriarchy that has ingrained that women are only to serve and care for others and not themselves.  This is fairly convenient because it teaches women to put everyone else first and leave themselves for last reducing personal power by a magnitude.  This is not in any way an angry post, it is simply realizing the fact that this behavior that you and I have is a continuation of centuries and centuries of imbalance and is actually not natural.  Let’s bring things back into balance but as we do it it will likely feel very different and strange.  In my experience the first feeling that will come up is that I am being too selfish.  Sisters…..be careful on this feeling because most of it is because of the patriarchy you are putting on yourself.  There might be a bit of work in unraveling expectations of others too.  If others are used to you putting yourself last then they will be a little confused as to why you aren’t doing that anymore.  You may even meet some resistance.  Don’t give in to the imbalance and continue with the status quo.  Once you make the new rules it will help everyone including them.  This is why I love endurance sports for women because it’s so dang effective in forcing you to take care of self so much more and for real.

Here is the concept that that has made the greatest difference for me.

As I heal and grow it gives those around me permission and incentive to do the same for themselves.  It also gives them ideas and lessons as they watch what I do.  As the people around me see that I take time to care for myself in deeper ways as well as to train and to accomplish it gives them the inspiration to make their own choices to do the same for themselves. This includes your kids, your significant other and family and friends.  I have experienced this first hand with my family.  You don’t need to be drained by others in order have a positive impact on them and the world.   As a matter of fact if you are drained and imbalanced it adversely affects those around you. It is FAR more of a positive impact on others lives to teach them how to take care of self! This is done through action not words.  Be the absolute best most awesome version of self empowerment, self care and badass awesomeness for YOU and that will make the biggest most positive impact for others.

Choose your wellness my Sisters & your positive impact will be far more phenomenal

*photo of my personal sacred goddess rose dish for epsom salt baths.  The dish was my grandmothers and I have bathed it in full moon moonlight many times.  The rose pedals come from my work on Mandelas that I sometimes do at the new moon and the full moon for personal work on releasing things that are holding me back and focusing on things I would like to manifest.

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