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Race Report Indian Wells 70.3 / 2018


  • I accomplished a pretty decent PR (personal record) for 70.3 Ironman racing for me! My PR was 17 minutes faster. AND I did this while sick which is even more impressive.
  • I accomplished my best bike power (normalized power) in a 70.3 race for me
  • I accomplished my fastest bike split (which is the full bike of 56 miles) in a 70.3 race for me

Important to note that I went into this race sick raced it fairly well then became a bit sicker with the cold afterwords. So I was not able to get a good reading on where my training is because the cold clouds the results.

Swim: My swim was not my fastest in a race which was not surprising considering I had not put in the amount of swim training needed to create a solid PR in my swim. However, I swam well also considering the colder water temperature and the kind of course. This course had a lot of athletes in the water bunched up at one time so lots of stopping and swimming and around people who were stopped or zig zagging and so forth.

T1: Interesting T1 navigating many athletes in the tent while taking off wetsuit and putting on cycling gear like shoes and helmet etc.

Bike: This is a very flat course with some real wind in certain parts of the course. I did a great job of steady pushing through the full bike course but was definitely feeling the fatigue by the end of the bike. I did not take in my full planned hydration because my front hydration system did not work. I was off by 1 bottle which put me behind on my hydration going into the run. Nutrition was good ~ I used Skratch labs chews.

Run: This is where I felt my cold the most. I could feel by mile 1 that my hydration was off. Run course was mostly all rollers ~ a bit more elevation than most people expected. I was not able to make up the hydration deficit at that point but tried hard to get in as much as possible. I was very surprised at how well I handled the run considering how sick I had been feeling. I did not pull out the numbers I wanted but it was strong enough to contribute to a very good Half Ironman PR overall.

Lessons ~ My training leading into this race was definitely highly effective. I pulled out a PR for Half Ironman even while being sick.

A few points on what worked really well in my training leading into this race ~ reminder much of this is adjustment to training and lifestyle as I work at getting stronger and faster through menopause.

  • Much (MUCH) more protein added into my daily nutrition (much of it coming from whey protein shakes)
  • Protein recovery shakes RIGHT after training (usually use OSMO recovery or Peformance Levels Provisions grass fed whey unflavored.
  • I started using OSMO (specific for women) hydration and recovery
  • good timing of types of nutrition including snacks ~ adding in more protein but keeping certain kinds of carbs like fruit and some grains
  • I added in more power like sessions ~ adding in more intervals type work in bike and run (muscle builds differently past a certain age and this makes a big difference)

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