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Goal setting (start with this)

Goal setting is certainly one of THE most important things contributing to your success. No matter where you are in your journey, having defined goals that you are excited about are key to all those things you really want to create in your life. Everyone should have goals! You deserve them. You receive beautiful things like inspiration, accomplishment, confidence & personal achievement. What is the best way to begin in creating your goals? I have outlined the basics for you on good ways for you to begin.

  • Make your goal specific and defined. Exactly what do you want to achieve or accomplish. The more specific it is the better chance you have or accomplishing it. Many people make the mistake of keeping their goals too general. Here are a few examples: If your goal is “I want to become healthier by riding my bike” That’s awesome, however, let’s make some specific goals that will help you be more inspired to ride your bike (or run or whatever your sport is). Making a specific event goal is SO effective! Train for a specific event that you feel is doable but you know you will have to train for. AND for that event give yourself some goals like a number.
  • If you use an event as your goal then be sure you have a goal for that event. If you are not comfortable coming up with a certain time goal then make other goals like to have great nutrition or hydration in that event or an emotional goal like staying positive or smiling during your race. The idea is you should have something that you are practicing for and something you can measure afterword. This is what you need in order to stay focused on the right things leading into your goal and in order to feel the pride and progress after you do your event.
  • Use your goal (or event) to accomplish the other things you want. For example if part of your goal is to become healthier then use that goal event to help you accomplish it. Organize your lifestyle around reaching your goal. If your goal is to be strong at your event then you will need to address your health like nutrition, sleep etc. in order to create what is needed to get to your goal the best possible way.
  • BE organized. Write down your goal. Research shows that writing it down you are far more likely to reach it just simply by writing it down. After you have written it down make a plan on how to get there. What will you need to do to accomplish it? Write it ALL down. Remember, for athletic goals you should include, any adjustment to getting more sleep ;-), eating better recovery and self care and so forth.
  • Activate your support person. This can be a family member or a friend. It should be someone who REALLY cares about your well being and is highly supportive of you. Tell them your goal and talk to them about how you would like them to be part of your support team. Let them know they don’t need to do very much just be there sometimes to talk to to let them know about your accomplishments towards your goal and knowing that they care and can sometime help you refocus every once in a while. Also, if you have kids I highly recommend telling them your goals and keeping them completely updated on your progress ~ it’s so inspiring for both you and them.

I will be creating an online class and worksheets to help you accomplish your dreams and goals. Stay tuned 🙂 and be sure you are on my email list so that you receive the announcement!

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