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Healthy & balanced creates real progress

The subject came up on our women’s Zwift ride today about the Ironman women who push themselves too hard ~ the women who are always injured and or sick because they push over the top. In this video I talk about the beginning of how to bring it back to balance.

Women should not follow the male model of overdoing the push in order to make progress there are awesome ways to make huge progress. Years of male sports has created a concept of push through everything and don’t stop just go over the top over and over. This model does not actually create real progress in sport. It creates injury, unawareness of body and progress and no awareness of the mind body connection. Let’s create the opposite ~ thriving progress which is far greater than anything that could be created in the outdated push push push model.

In this video I explain and give you a few things you can do and be aware of to get started on creating real progress.

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