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New beginnings new moon

I do a lot of what I call moon work. This is using the phases of the moon to create a healthy personal practice of manifesting with intention on what I want and letting go for things that are holding me back.

The new moon is about new beginnings, getting into the energy of the infinite possibilities and becoming clear as to what you want to manifest.

The simple version of this is to do a mini new moon ritual where you light a candle and write down what you want to bring forth in your life either over this phase from new moon to full moon or in general to create in your life. We put on music, light candles, usually light a fire and then draw and color and write in those drawings the words that describe our intention for this phase. I like to use very short descriptions and focus on specific words like: fun or healing or strength or something like that.

For many thousands of years humans have been using the phases of the moon. The moon has actual and real pull on our emotions and our bodies (just like the tides of the ocean) and using that natural rhythm can be a powerfully positive thing.

This photo is at our table on a recent new moon

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