Don’t take on other peoples limiting beliefs

What stories are you buying into that other people are telling themselves? What beliefs are you taking on that are coming from other people? This is your reminder that YOU do not need to take on other people’s limiting beliefs. It is a fundamental truth that we take on the beliefs of those around us ~ yes even if you are aware that their beliefs are limiting it will still impact you much more than you think. Therefore, it’s extremely important you surround yourself with people who see the infinite awesome possibilities rather than the limitations.

My personal strategy is to completely stay away from anyone who is socked into limiting beliefs. I am very careful the stories that I marinate myself in when it comes to what is possible.

Think about it this way. What you feel is possible is actually already limiting. Because …….what if even more is possible than you are thinking and believing but you can’t see it or believe it because you are so busy believing something smaller. So to open up your view of what is truly possible you have to eliminate the stories around you that create the limitations of belief.

Action Steps: What if so much more is possible than you have any idea of? Be in the energy of this question and use it as an affirmation to expand your energy of what is possible. What if there is so much more possible than I have any idea of? and what is possible beyond that and what is possible beyond that. Do not take on other people’s stories of limiting beliefs open up your mind and your energy to the infinite amazing possibilities.

What if so much more is possible than you have any idea of?

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