Support your sisters

I choose to support my sisters.  We are at an important time in human history where the most effective way for our world to balance and heal is to support the healing and rise of the feminine to balance out our world.  Give your sisters the positive space and support they need in order to heal and use their voice.  It’s ok for other women to be different than you, let go of judgement and you will find that we will all thrive.  It’s ok if they look different, dress differently, wear their hair differently, talk differently and see things differently ~ diversity is a primal necessity for life to exists and evolve.   It is a scientific fact that diversity must exists in order for life to exist.  Centuries of ingrained patriarchy has shaped the actions, need for protection and therefore insecurities of the feminine on our planet.  Things are still very out of balance.  I choose to contribute to the rising feminine by supporting our sisters and holding space for them to thrive.

I am sharing my voice and my journey in order to contribute to the healing of women and hopes that is helps them share their voice and realize their potential.  I want to remind all my sisters that you are an incredibly special being that is much more than someones wife, or employee or caregiver.  YOU are extraordinary and it’s important that you begin living it.  This is why I love doing triathlon (or any of the sports involved) because one must truly honor their own power and their own journey in order to make progress.

Give your sisters a supporting cheer or a congratulations or an understanding heart.  We must support each other and not just the ones who are “like” you but women of different ages, color & looks.   Embrace the diversity of our sisters because all sisters deserve our support.

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