Race Reports

Race Report Half Moon Bay Triathlon

Olympic Distance Triathlon 1700 yard swim / 25 mile bike / 6 mile run / May 2019 Conditions ~ Air temp 57F / Water temp approx 55F / Some wind (water with some chop and slight current going out to first buoy)

Time: 3 hours 0 minutes & 14 seconds / Racing age 55

Coach: Me ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m a Coach / Nutrition Dr. Stacy Sims /


  • Big PR for Olympic Distance racing for me
  • Accomplished a faster swim and faster run than I expected
  • Nutrition & hydration was dialed in
  • Taper into this race was excellent and very dialed in
  • Mental Game was excellent
  • I feel like I have a lot more room for improvement which is a big positive for me

Mental Game: My mental game was excellent in this race ~ from beginning to end because I had patience while pushing. This is what I’ve been working on lately ~ the concept of pushing at the pace I need to be (which is harder) while being patient emotionally. It was about staying emotionally even and pushing at the same time. I did an excellent job of this.

The day before the race I did a very positive energy connection thing with the ocean and the swim course. While standing in the water I sent positive energy to the water and tramendious gratitude for Mother Nature and being able to race on this course and swim in her water. I then ended with a quick Reiki of the water. All of this allowed me to be in the space of the course and honor my personal journey in the elements and Mother Nature.

Nutrition & Hydration: Race morning shake – Whey protein 25g / frozen mangos 1/2 cup / Rice milk 1 cup

A few bites of my gluten free bread with all natural Italian Nutella on it

Bike ~ took in 1.5 bottles of Osmo (3 scoops each) Run ~ took in 3 Glukos tablets and half a bottle of Osmo (3 scoops)

After ~ Osmo recovery 2 scoops with 1.5 cups of rice milk

Race morning: had my race morning breakfast shake 1.5 hours before race start and then a couple of bites of my all natural nutella sandwich. Stomach was a little anxious so I did some breathwork and my system calmed down right away! After setting up transition I got in some good run warm up.

Swim: start was delayed by around 10-15 minutes because lifeguards were not on the swim course yet. I was already in the water warming up so I pretty much had to stay in the water and do a long warm up. My wave of women 50 yrs old plus was the last Olympic wave which later impacted my bike time because of the Sprint race going out right after us.

Water was a bit cold in warm up so I added in a bit more warm up in the water to get my HR up a little more. The buoys were pretty interesting as the first buoy was a good 600 yards out. I took a sighting tact that was a little more to the right than most of the athletes in the water and it actually worked out really well, however, it was still pretty challenging to see the buoy so I ended up sighting a lot more than normal (which slows down your pace a bit). It’s that whole thing between going straight or swimming a bit faster off course lol. Once I turned the first buoy it was easier to sight the last two buoys on the way back into shore. I did not feel like I pushed my pace very hard on the swim. I definitely could have swum a bit faster, however, my swim time ended up being fairly decent given the current chop and some wind and a bit colder water and some extra time exiting in shallow water so had to stand up and water run lol. I came in with a swim pace of around 2:00 per 100 yrds. I’m looking forward to working hard in the pool over the next few months as I feel I can bring that pace down.

T1: Ah yes the long run from the swim exit where you run along the beach and then out onto the path for around .5 of a mile to transition. I ran out of the water and picked up my fuzzy socks lol yes you read that right (fuzzy socks) which I had on the side of the beach with other people’s shoes etc. then dipped my feet into the warm pool very quickly then stripped off my wetsuit quickly then race carrying my wetsuit and wearing my socks (which allowed me to run faster) to transition. I had a pretty smooth transition onto my bike and headed out on to the bike course.

Bike: This is a two lap course. The course set up had a pretty significant impact on my bike results. We rode on Hwy 1 in the should with cones on our left at certain places and a lot of no parking signs in the lane. The actual road conditions were pretty sandy and a good amount of gravel. My strength is my bike so I immediately pushed my pace on the bike which worked well for the first half of the this first loop. I passed a lot of athletes on the course when it was safe to pass but definitely was already having to hold off on some passing during high traffic moments and intersections. The car traffic close on my left was definitely picking up. There was much dodging of no parking signs, cones, riders and fast cars. I could feel the difference in a closed road race like an Ironman branded race and an Olympic Distance race with open roads. When I got to the last part of the first lap we rode on a low traffic side road which I was able to get up to 24 mph fairly easily which raised my overall first lap pace nicely.

The second lap is where I lost my bike time as the sprint athletes went out on the course at the same time as my second lap. This is because I was the last start wave in the water age 50 plus. The sprint athletes added a lot of athletes onto a very narrow bike course. I road much more cautiously than I did in my first lap and as I later found out than my competition in my age group lol. I did not feel comfortable passing 5 athletes at one time in a narrow course with sand cones and fast cars on my left. And the ambulance sirens going off because of crashes didn’t help. When I did pass athletes I had a few blockers ~ a few dudes who refused to let me passed and moved over to the left to block me. This is fairly common in some races where some guys don’t like women passing them on the bike lol. But I was still able to pass enough and push it enough to get some speed out of it. However, my cycling legs were not fatigued so I had WAY more in me for the bike.

T2: Was hilarious because there was a dude in the middle of my transition sitting down doing something so I had to carry my bike over him and rack it lol then out onto the run

Run: My run was much stronger than I expected. I started out in an easier pace and got my running legs around 1 mile in. From there it was all about keeping a good rythm and pace for the full 6 miles. It is a totally beautiful run course so that helped a little ๐Ÿ™‚ At around mile 2 I ran right behind an athlete that was wearing a cute Coeur racing suit and she was running about the pace I needed to keep. After about a mile I ran in front of her and she ended up pacing behind me. I then took in some extra hydration and started taking in my tablets. By mile 3 I was feeling pretty fatigued and wondering how I was going to keep my pace for the rest of the run but I focused on rythm and patience and being in the moment. At the turn around there was a really cute puppy and I plashed water on my head while running through. I then looked at my multisport time and calculated that if I hold a slightly faster pace I would finish in 3 hours which was my time goal for this race. This gave me extra focus and I picked it up a bit and just kept thinking patience and keeping pace and I’ll get there.

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