Don’t Let Your Beliefs Limit You (video)

Your beliefs can create expansion or limitations. Be aware of how they can limit you and hold you back from creating your new possible. What you believe about yourself is by definition a limitation, because……YOU are so much more and so much more extraordinary than you think.

For example, if you believe you are capable of achieving a certain speed or time this can actually be a limitation. Even if that speed or time is more than what you have achieved in the past. Because WHAT IF you are actually capable of more than that specific number that you have in your head.

Another way to look at it is if you feel you are capable of something then that’s awesome but what if you are capable of even more and the numbers that you have in your head are actually holding you back. The best way to move into allowing your body to create more is to open up your energy and space to even more possibility. To let go of limiting beliefs, judgement and expectations and step into the energy of allowing so much more to be possible.

Action Step

Awareness is the first step. Identify where you are telling yourself stories about what you think is possible for you. Then ask yourself what if I am actually capable of so much more. Sit in the energy of the “what if” and expand your belief system. To create your new possible you will need to step into new possibility and let go of the limiting beliefs you have been holding onto.

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