Listen to the messages in your dreams

“Listen to your dreams that come to you when you are sleeping as they will point you in the right direction for your soul.


Your sleeping dreams are a direct line to your consciousness. It’s very useful to acknowledge and understand the dreams that give you strong feelings as it gives you information on what is really rising inside of you.

About fifteen years ago I had a vivid dream that I was running through a beautiful field barefoot. I was running so fast with great ease and grace. I felt extraordinarily free. When I woke up I had a strong draw to explore the message that was just given to me in my dream. Within 24 hours I was physically exploring barefoot running. I took it up right away and felt a tramendious connection and healing right away. My feet were actually on the earth and it became more and more obvious to me that this was a healing process for me. It felt natural as if it was something I had been doing for my whole life. I even ran running races completely barefoot as well as trail running too.

There might have been something in my deep ancestral remembering that my body was picking up that we walked barefoot and felt the earth. Or there may have been a deep call for me to begin reconnecting to our earth for my health, healing and upcoming journey in moving my body. Or it could be a combination of many wonderful things that we don’t fully understand in our modern western society of domestication.

Walking barefoot directly on the earth has been proven to activate healing processes in our body. The production of serotonin increases when you have your hands or bare feet in soil for 15 minutes or more. I believe that the why is far deeper than our current science studies can detect as of yet. We are meant to touch the earth so much more than we do now in our modern life.

This dream kick started a deep and important time of my athletic journey as a personal sacred journey a spiritual journey of sorts in endurance sports. Endurance sports (triathlon) is now my vehicle to explore and grow as a human and my human experience. I no longer do my run training barefoot as I transitioned to shoes at a time that felt right for me. However, that experience stays with me as the beginning of a beautiful and important chapter for me.

Action Steps

The dreams that come to you when you are sleeping are important. Listen to them and follow the light to answer your soul’s calling. Write down the dreams that make you feel bliss. When writing about your bliss dreams describe the feeling first then describe what you were doing. When it comes to dream interpretation it’s important to first identify the feeling that the dreams gives you because that is your light. People in your dreams represent feeling not usually the actual people. Focus on the feeling you are receiving towards your bliss.

Follow your dreams to answer the call of your soul.

+ walk barefoot on the earth whenever possible

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