Our Primal Connection To Endurance Sports

In our modern society we are missing a great many stimulants, lessons, experiences & wisdom that comes directly from living on the earth and with nature. One of these is the actual movement of our body to accomplish something meaningful. For example we used to run in order to hunt or run away from danger. We used to run or ride and sometimes fight in order to protect ourselves and our family. And day to day living involved a lot more use of movement and muscle. Movement has been an important part of daily life as a human on this earth since the beginning of our human existence. We have lived for tens of thousands of years moving our body outside on this earth and in nature. The time we have spent inside during modern age is but a tiny fraction of the percentage that we as human beings have been alive.

It is ingrained in our human DNA to move in nature. We are actually built to live, thrive and move in nature. Our bodies function best when we are closest to the earth and move. In our modern western culture we spend most of our day inside at work or school or in our homes. This is a dramatic change from our hunter gatherer ancestors who thrived outside moving their bodies with freedom and purpose.

If you feel the calling to participate in endurance sports then you are essentially feeling the pull to connect back to a primal experience. It’s like an awareness of something missing. That something is moving your body with purpose and strength outside in nature. This is such a powerful concept to understand as it helps you to better explore the why in your athletic journey. You can see it as DNA or ancient ancestry knowing or, you can view it as part of our human evolution that our human bodies do not want to loose. It’s truly part of our hard wiring as we have spent centuries outside pushing our bodies in movement. You are simply connecting back to your primal knowing by doing your endurance sport.

When you view your athletic journey as a reconnecting to your primal self it can help you understand part of your why in pursuing your journey. It’s easy to get caught up in other reasons you are drawn to endurance sports that are focused on current events or strictly ego oriented like racing or to win. This comes into play when you explore our primal need for competition as the warrior, which is very natural. However, right now we are talking about the first level of primal need which is to move and push your body.

As you explore the pull you feel to experience your endurance sport, you are truly connecting back to your primal senses and needs to push your body. This is awesome! It’s awesome because it shows you that you have accessed an intuitive awareness within yourself that you should be moving and pushing your body. Most people in our modern world have lost that primal memory. But YOU have it and that is why you are pursuing your personal athletic journey. You are a positive contribution to our world by listening to your primal senses and pursuing your personal journey in endurance sports. The more that you listen to your primal senses the more you will feel your true primal strength.

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