It’s Like Getting a Big Hug From Mother Nature

Re-wilding is a fundamental part of my personal journey in life and triathlon. Connecting back to our primal relationship with the earth, nature and the elements is such a crucial piece of re-wilding back to self and connecting back to our soul. When we make this re-connection we are unlocking large potential in our body. By connecting back with nature we connect back to ourselves as living breathing beings.

This October sunrise swim is the kind of experience that brings me deep back into that primal relationship of being home in nature. It’s an amazing re-wilding experience because it combines the primal rhythm of the sunrise with the full envelopment of pure nature. This creates a grounding experience that has a direct effect on your body, mind and soul which in turn helps to unlock your primal potential.

I believe that our modern western society has disconnected us as humans from our relationship with the outside and nature. This disconnection is detrimental to us in so many ways including physically, emotionally and spiritually. When you spend even a little more time building your relationship with nature you are re-setting your primal balance and nourishing your body, mind and soul. As athletes, we are working on tapping into our primal being because when we do we are activating more strength and power from our body.

Connect with your wild world of nature. Even walking in a garden or looking up at clouds or listening to birds will all help to re-calibrate your being. Science has proven that nature lowers your cortisol levels and brings emotional healing. It also helps to activate your primal strengths and calm mind which works best for ultimate training and performance. Step into the natural world every day for a dose of healing and re balancing to the heartbeat of Mother Earth.

Where can you add a little extra outside time every day.

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