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The Way Of The Warrior Woman ~ Commitment to Self

The Warrior Woman knows that her power and her wisdom comes from within and that it is learned through experiences. Those experiences come from many days of self commitment ~ of committing to her own growth in training her mind and her body. A Warrior Woman keeps the promises she makes to her self because she greatly honors her own journey.

Commitment to self includes honoring the promises we make to ourselves. This is an area that I am continually working on. Honoring our promises to ourselves is what builds trust and deeper self belief. It’s that same as if you kept your promises to someone else, they trust you if you continually keep your promises. The same goes for yourself.

The way that I see it is a Warrior Woman commits to training her body and her mind as well as honing her skills. These things then create our personal hero’s journey or our journey of personal growth. In order to achieve this growth we must learn how to keep our commitments that we make to ourselves. In my experience, this commitment to myself comes from keeping small commitments one by one until it becomes a habit. Once it is a habit it becomes easier to keep the larger commitments to myself.

Commitment to training is one of the first areas that comes to mind. Training takes dedication to self and an honor for my own personal development. I see daily training as a way to practice honoring myself and my journey. Even when I don’t feel like doing it I make it happen because of the promise I made to myself.

Where many people struggle the most is in their goals and dreams. It is sometimes challenging to keep them in sight when you know you will need to trust yourself to honor your journey every day. If you don’t trust yourself to stay on course then you will likely falter in reaching your dreams and goals. Or you may not even create them to begin with because you don’t trust yourself. The way that I have worked through this is to prove to myself that I can trust myself. I do this through consciously keeping my commitments that I make for myself and to myself. These day to day commitments have been building trust.

Once I figured out that self trust comes from keeping promises to self I then began working on keeping small commitments that I make for myself and I then experienced how it all works. One thing at a time and one day at a time I learned that I can build trust in my own self to keep my own promises to me.

A Warrior Woman keeps the promises she makes to herself because she honors her own journey, her heroes journey.

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