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Is it Playing or Training?

Think of when we were kids. We didn’t consciously think of play as having goals, but we wanted to play for certain reasons: To have fun, to feel good, to engage with others (as limited as that may need to be right now), and often to accomplish something (build a fort, climb a tree, run to the end of the street faster than our friend) – all in the name of “play.”

_ Pam Goodley (wrote this awesome perspective on my FB page)

Someone recently asked me how I can do so much extreme training. How do I “train” so much and doesn’t that hurt and isn’t it a bit extreme. I thought about it over a few weeks and realized it’s ALL completely dependent on perception, age and what you feel is doable for what age range. For example, you would likely not think twice about a high school woman doing a bunch of swimming and trail running BUT it may be a bit less comfortable (or unusual) to see a 56 year old woman doing a bunch of swimming and trail running. Or we can go even younger. For example, a younger child running around outside with their friends for hours a day vs. a woman over 40 running around or outside on their bike playing with their friends for some hours. I feel that most all of this is coming from what has been the normal in our societies.

About playing vs. training:

When I was a child playing outside and running around, it was most certainly called playing. Now that I am still running around outside (at 56) why am I not still calling it playing and I’m calling it training instead? Hummmm….It’s a question I’ve been asking myself lately. Here’s the thing…the name we call something has a great power in the story we tell ourselves. That’s how I see it.

I am calling my swimming, biking and running “Training” because that’s what you call it when you are trying to get faster right? And that’s what you call it when you are “training” for something specific. I wonder where that label comes from. The other side of it is that “play” can mean not taking something seriously. But play sounds like fun!!

If anyone can think of a better word to describe all this play/training/fun then I’m up for hearing it for sure!! Send me your ideas 🙂

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