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Change & Moving Towards What is Aligned For Me

“As we go through life the things that we haven’t been able to release tangle us up. Things we have taken on as a sense of duty. Things we have learned to be good at, but are not part of our true nature. The things that were once aligned to who we were, but are no longer aligned to who we are today. So we refrain from making a clean cut, binding ourselves to it for as long as possible, choosing to not choose instead.

_Rebecca Campbell, book ~ Rise Sister Rise pg 186.

Lately I have been working on embracing change and it’s created such a positive shift in my life. I recognize change as a key part of how we grow, however, it is sometimes hard to let go of old ways. During my life I have been particularly good at letting go of things like jobs, careers, relationships and habits that are no longer good for me. However, over the last 3-4 years I have been holding on to things a bit more than usual. I am not interested in diving into more on why that is as I feel very ready to embrace change now and let go of what is no longer aligned with me.

I find that the very first thing to do when looking to embrace change is to let go. Let go of what I am holding as a sense of duty, or that I happen to be good at and of things that are no longer aligned as Rebecca’s quote describes. Once I let go of things a wonderful space opens up for more growth and more possibility.

One way that I do this is to ask myself ~ why am I doing this particular thing? Is it still aligned with me and what I want to create for myself in my life. This question seems to make many things clear for me very quickly.

I asked this question to myself about self coaching. Is self coaching on my triathlon journey still aligned with me, my journey and my goals and my answer was, no. So, I moved forward in hiring a fantastic coach to help me train on my triathlon journey. Self coaching was not working for me anymore as it had worked for me in the past. This was one of the best decisions I have made! I will be writing more about this in coming blog posts.

I also asked this question when it comes to my daily schedule and the things I do on a daily basis that are mostly habit and to support others. The answer that was clear to me on this was that it was no longer necessary for me to spend as much time doing the things that I have been doing. This includes the habits that I took on during 2020 and the pandemic. This has freed me up substantially to create new projects that are personally gratifying.

I encourage you to sit down and ask yourself is “this” is still aligned with me anymore or am I holding on to it because it’s familiar. It’s like spring cleaning for your life.

Habit can be a challenging block to change and I find that evaluating my habits and truly taking a deeper look at what I am doing and why ~ can really be a perspective changing experience.

Our world has changed substantially since the beginning of Covid and so has our human experience and each one of us has been changed. I see this as the perfect time to more deeply evaluate what is no longer aligned and what is rising in us to move towards.

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