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Update Video: My new Coach / Nutrition Discovery & Crying All Morning

In this video I give you can update on things:

In this video I give you can update on who my Coach is along with a big nutrition discovery for me and why I was crying all morning on the floor in my bedroom (it ends with a pretty funny story).

Subject sections:

First I tell you why I hired a Coach and who she is and how it’s going

3:01 The big nutrition discovery that is making such a significant difference for me

6:30 Our endurance sports journey as an adventure and embracing the hard things & thoughts on why your journey is important. Social media is not the fun part and doesn’t give the real stories and the important parts of our growth.

11:00 Why I was crying on the floor in my bedroom and super hilarious real life plot twist ending to my crying story

My Coach is: Marilyn Chychota My Sports Nutritionist is: Dr. Katie Schofield

Thank you for following my journey. I hope it helps others in embracing all the wonders of personal growth through their endurance sports journey.

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