About Me

Playing on a Winter Day December 2020

Welcome to my journey and my diary. 

To the rise of the Warrior Woman within you. 

This is my journey and my diary of training and racing in triathlons + my life experiences with the lessons I have learned along the way.  I see my athletic quest as a personal journey of growth and a place for me to use the wisdom I have gathered from my 57 years of life.  I race Ironman 70.3 (half Ironman) but I do some shorter races too.  My journey may be particularly interesting to women who are in or approaching menopause as my goal is to become as strong and as fast as possible in strength and connection of my body, mind and soul on my journey.  There is so much more possible for women and I want to be a part of proving this for all the women to come after me.   

I am sharing my journey, my voice, my skills, my wisdom and my experiences for all the women who would like to feel their own power and their own potential.  I want you to know that your journey is important.  I am sharing in hopes that it helps others learn from my experiences and are inspired to create their new possible and see that their personal journey is their own extraordinary hero’s journey.  

It is my belief that A woman’s personal journey in their sport is a journey of the archetype of the Warrior Woman creating tremendous physical and mental strength while honoring their innate feminine gifts.  The journey of a Warrior Woman is a holistic journey that combines the body, mind and soul.  

For the women who feel there is more in them and their life and wants to start living it by moving their body.  I share my own journey as an example and I share my tools and teachings for others to give themselves permission to thrive.  My wish is that you may thrive as well.

I feel it is important for women to see other women thriving and sharing for the sake of inspiring.  I feel it is important for women to hear other women’s real stories, not censored good girl stories on social media but the real stories.  This is where women heal and learn how to thrive.

This is the work I hope to do here.

You may be a triathlete, a cyclist, a runner or another kind of athlete OR not identifying as an athlete at this time but are drawn to move your body and be in nature.   I do triathlon because in order to succeed I will need to honor myself, my body and my everything.  I do it because to me it feels like my core being wants to move in nature (it’s primal).  It gives me the platform to which I must grow as a person.  It encompasses all aspects of self development.  It’s a journey of healing and oneness of body and mind. For me it is a sacred personal journey of growth as a warrior woman.  

I invite you to follow my journey as I share all aspects of my own wisdom & experiences in hopes that it is medicine for you to step into your inner Warrior Woman.  

I am also an Elite Triathlon Coach ~ this means that I coach pro & pro development athletes who do this sport for a living.  And I have learned a great deal about the science of what works for our female physiology in endurance sports and life.  My knowledge and experience level is significant and I will be sharing all of this with you through my voice in journaling here on this site as well as in offerings of downloads, circles and events.

Through my journal, classes, downloads, newsletter & circles ~ I am sharing with you all the things I have experienced.  I am hoping my journey,  experiences and stories help YOU as you shift and create a thriving mindset for YOUR journey.

I feel there is a strong need for support of the rising female (the Warrior Woman) in order to help heal our world.  Let my voice, experiences,  journey and offerings support the rise of your power within.

I am sharing to contribute to the rise of YOU!  To the rise of the Warrior Woman in you.   



Other things about me if you would like to know more

Education: I have had a great many experiences in my life so far which I will be drawing from going forward in my journey.  I have traveled and lived many places around the world as well as experiences from 20 years on Wall Street as one of the few women in management to elite triathlon coach (elite coach means that I coach athletes who do this sport for a living).  My education spans from one of the best women’s prep schools in the United States (Emma Willard) to college in Switzerland, some studies at Cambridge University and an art degree ~ MFA in photo journalism and art history.

I have traveled and at times lived a number of places around the world from Europe, Egypt, Morocco, Israel, I lived on a boat in Mediterranean and in the Caribbean and lived on both the East Coast and West Coast and inbetween in the United States.  I have had wonderful experiences around the world.

Self healing & self work:  My whole life I have been exploring self healing and personal growth.  This is the kind of growth that happens within.  Opening your heart and soul to the infinite possibilities ~ connecting my body and mind to experience more wholeness.  I have explored, used and honed many tools & perspectives that have been successful in creating more oneness stepping into a true sense of self and I will be sharing these tools with others along my journey and in special offerings along the way.

I believe that experience brings the most wisdom. However, for those who are curious about learning certifications here are a few of mine that pertain directly to endurance sports. These classes and certifications contribute to my knowledge on how I proceed in my own journey.

USAT Triathlon Coach / USA Swimming Coach / US Swim Coach’s Association

Dr. Stacy Sims Women Are Not Small Men

Dr. Stacy Sims Menopause Athletes

Reiki Ryoho Shoden First Degree (Traditional Japanese Reiki)