In 2019 I will be leading a number of classes, circles and programs to help you realize your true greatness within.

Most Sessions will be specifically for women.  Sessions will be announced soon so be sure you are on the email list so that you have an opportunity to learn about them and register for the session that resonates with you.

*for those of you who have been asking for a re-launch of my popular Ironman Mental Game class ~ yes I will be launching it again in 2019!  I can’t wait! And yes the Ironman Mental Game class will be open to both men and women just like before.

Please note that I am not currently taking one on one athletes.  I coach my elite (pro & pro dev) squad and outside of that the best way to access me is through the upcoming offerings which are very effective and personally inspiring.   The group classes will give you loads of things you can use in your training, your life and your journey to personal greatness.

Also presently you can join my women’s Zwift ride on Tuesdays where I answer training questions and create the space for each rider to realize their badassness.

Stay tuned and join the email list so that you receive updates and announcements