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Goal setting (start with this)

Goal setting is certainly one of THE most important things contributing to your success. No matter where you are in your journey, having defined goals that you are excited about are key to all those things you really want to create in your life. Everyone should have goals! You deserve them. You receive beautiful things like inspiration, accomplishment, confidence & personal achievement. What is the best way to begin in creating your goals? I have outlined the basics for you on good ways for you to begin.

Self Development Inspiration

Family judgement of your journey

I want you to know that so many people struggle with family judgement.  Usually the judgement comes from extended family but sometimes from immediate family depending on the circumstances and sometimes it comes from the people who choose to surround yourself with. Please do not allow others to affect your awesome personal journey.  There are SO many reasons why people judge or try and create doubt or guilt.  However, there are no acceptable reasons for people to do this or for you to take it.  Yes there may be reasons that create this kind of behavior like uninformed, closed minded or simply broken or angry individuals BUT that is still no reason for them to act in that way or for you to accept that into your life and your journey.  I have witnessed a great amount of judgement in my time as a triathlon coach and triathlete and I know it’s challenging to hear others negativity about your journey.

Approach it from the perspective of

Self Development Inspiration Tools to use

Journal prompt ~ without fear

Journaling is one of the most powerful self development tools.  It’s one of my favorite tools for healing, for manifesting , for processing and for making the choices that create the life I want.   I find journaling prompts to be very effective.  Physically hand writing has such power ~ I’ve experienced it first hand it’s magic.

Here is a a recent prompt that can really open things up for you.

What would I do if I had no fear?  What would I do if I had no fear at all.  

Then write selfishly ~ don’t worry about anyone else just YOU.  Don’t worry about fitting anyone or anything into your crazy awesome stuff just do this one for YOU.  Don’t hold back go all out with everything you would do if you had no fear.  Get crazy and write big awesome crazy things that you would do.  It’s such a healthy prompt because it gets you to think bigger without barriers ~ it expands your thinking and your infinite possibilities.   As you expand your infinite possibilities you will find some amazing things and in turn that will teach you to think in expansion for yourself.

So much of this is about training your mind to think outside of the same old patterns and to see possibilities that are outside of those restrictive patterns you have set up for yourself.

When you use this prompt I would love to hear about it if you would like to share your experience ~ send me a message and let me know.



Leading the Zwift women’s ride

It’s been such a totally awesome experience leading the women’s ride on Zwift!!  On our last ride we had 65 women from 18 different Countries.  My intention for creating and leading this ride is to give women a space for real girl power on the ride.  So that they had a place AND a riding space to come together from all over the world and be with other women who are supportive and badass in all of their own ways.


My goal is to create and hold space for them to feel their strength, their personal power, their possibilities and deeper self belief while riding their bikes. 

Self Development Inspiration

No judgement

Life is so much more beautiful when there is no judgement.

Everyone is different and that’s a good thing.  Each human on our planet is a different human with a different perspective and a different life.  I rather love it that way as it’s far more interesting.

I choose to support differentness ~ maybe that’s because I have always felt different.  Whatever the reason, I find that letting go of judgement makes for a much more fun life


Sisters it’s not selfish you have it wrong

Something that a great many women struggle with is dedication to their own growth, health and wellness this is why I love triathlon because it truly forces the focus of self growth.  There are so many reasons for this one of which is the centuries of patriarchy that has ingrained that women are only to serve and care for others and not themselves.  This is fairly convenient because it teaches women to put everyone else first and leave themselves for last reducing personal power by a magnitude.  This is not in any way an angry post, it is simply realizing the fact that this behavior that you and I have is a continuation of centuries and centuries of imbalance and is actually not natural.  Let’s bring things back into balance but as we do it it will likely feel very different and strange.  In my experience the first feeling that will come up is that I am being too selfish.  Sisters…..be careful on this feeling because most of it is because of the patriarchy you are putting on yourself.  There might be a bit of work in unraveling expectations of others too.  If others are used to you putting yourself last then they will be a little confused as to why you aren’t doing that anymore.  You may even meet some resistance.  Don’t give in to the imbalance and continue with the status quo. 

Training Personal Records

Personal record in bike power

I just achieved my best power numbers so far on the bike.  My goal for this ride was to ride as close as possible to 3 W/kg (watts per kilo) for the full 12.5 miles of the Tour of New York Stage 5 (Zwift).  This was a hilly course so keeping power up on the downhills was a bit challenging.

I attribute much of my badass power achievement today to my nutrition getting really dialed in (daily & in training) AND some great work doing the right kind of training that is REALLY working!  Progress, especially such large progress as this, is truly a culmination of a number of things, however, these are the main two.

I PRed (Personal Record) in my:

5 minute power

10 minute power

20 minute power

Badassness all around

This means that I can push more power (I am stronger) for the 5 min period, the 10 min period and 20 minutes.

AND a BIG jump in FTP 8.5% (which is how much power you can push for 20 minutes straight) So basically I can now push 8.5% more power than I did in the past.


6.5 weeks till race wetsuit swims

6.5 weeks until Palm Springs Ironman 70.3 and it’s time for wetsuit swims.

This morning outside air temp 44F / 6C sunrise wetsuit swim in the pool 6.5 weeks till race day Ironman Indian Wells 70.3 (Palm Springs) where the water temperature will likely be approximately 55F / 12C ~ don’t let the Palm Trees fool you.

I add in wetsuit swims in the pool as I approach each race because it gets my body used to the feel of swimming in a wetsuit.  Also, wearing a wetsuit puts pressure on muscles a slightly different way and it helps to activate those areas with a full sleeve suit.