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Personal record half marathon

I achieved my best time and pace for a half marathon! This was my test event to see where I am in my run training as I lead into Ironman Indian Wells 70.3 in December.   This event has shown me that I am faster and stronger than I thought I would be at this time.

I have been particularly patient in my run training in order to build a really stable base of durability in run while staying strong and injury free.  I was not completely sure how much progress I had made for a longer distance run, however, this race showed me that I am making impressive progress in a much shorter time than expected.   I only recently began real training again ~ it’s been only a matter of months.

I am fairly patient in my training ~ partly because I am an experienced elite coach and I understand the value of patience and consistency in training and because I strongly believe in doing things the right way and that takes time.   

Self Development Inspiration

Everything is YOUR choice

Everything is YOUR choice!  This is such an important concept to remember through life ~ that you are never ever stuck!  I am continually reminding myself that everything is my conscious choice.  Everything you have created so far in your life has been your choice ~ you have chosen it and created it.  Anything you want to create in your life is YOUR CHOICE.  Don’t kid yourself into believing things are stuck  ~ because everything you want to create is doable you just need to make those choices to make it happen. Or change what you need to make it happen. 


Wildflower Triathlon 2018 (unplugged)

It’s pretty awesome what happens when people don’t have access to technology.  The Wildflower Triathlon is not just a race but a camping experience.  ALL athletes, spectators, staff and everyone else pretty much has to stay on sight at the camp grounds which is only open for the Wildflower triathlon.  This is because it’s in the middle of no where.  This was the comeback year of the Woodstock of  iconic races and it was incredible.  I did not race this one, I coached it this year.  While I was there for the four days of full on triathlon and camping experience I gained some serious realizations about the impact that our sport has on so many people’s lives.  When many people gather together in one place for days and they have little to no access to internet it’s pretty special what happens ~ you get to hear the deeper truths from people which makes it all so much more real.


Why so much fear of the ocean

I hear from so many people about their fears of swimming in the open water, especially the ocean.  All of the healing I have ever experienced for myself either emotional or physical has all taken place in nature.  Nature is the most powerful healing of all in so many ways.  So why are so many people afraid of it?  It’s because in our modern western life we live so unfortunately disconnected from nature ~ from the natural rhythms / from the healing power / from the actual pure power of her. 


Always choosing to thrive

I realized fairly recently that thriving is all about choosing to thrive and not compromising my thrive.  I started making choices that supported my thrive instead of compromising myself or my thriving to make room for things that did not support or serve my health or wellness (mind, body and life).  It’s a pretty awesome way to make choices. 


Ironman Oceanside 70.3 (2018) A turning point

I refer to this race as the holy shit race.

This is the race that I realized it was time to make a decision to go on this journey or not.

I had taken two ish years off of racing and real training.  During those two years my body completely changed and not for the better.  I was experiencing emotional and physical challenges all over the place it was messy.   It was definitely not the best of times for me.  I made the decision to sign up again for Oceanside which I had not done since 2015.   I was completely out of shape and I knew I had a bit of a long haul to get back into racing shape for a race like Oceanside.

My first runs back into training were HARD and I was only able to go short distances.