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Update Video: My new Coach / Nutrition Discovery & Crying All Morning

In this video I give you can update on things:

In this video I give you can update on who my Coach is along with a big nutrition discovery for me and why I was crying all morning on the floor in my bedroom (it ends with a pretty funny story).

Subject sections:

First I tell you why I hired a Coach and who she is and how it’s going

3:01 The big nutrition discovery that is making such a significant difference for me

6:30 Our endurance sports journey as an adventure and embracing the hard things & thoughts on why your journey is important. Social media is not the fun part and doesn’t give the real stories and the important parts of our growth.

11:00 Why I was crying on the floor in my bedroom and super hilarious real life plot twist ending to my crying story

My Coach is: Marilyn Chychota My Sports Nutritionist is: Dr. Katie Schofield

Thank you for following my journey. I hope it helps others in embracing all the wonders of personal growth through their endurance sports journey.

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Change & Moving Towards What is Aligned For Me

“As we go through life the things that we haven’t been able to release tangle us up. Things we have taken on as a sense of duty. Things we have learned to be good at, but are not part of our true nature. The things that were once aligned to who we were, but are no longer aligned to who we are today. So we refrain from making a clean cut, binding ourselves to it for as long as possible, choosing to not choose instead.

_Rebecca Campbell, book ~ Rise Sister Rise pg 186.

Lately I have been working on embracing change and it’s created such a positive shift in my life. I recognize change as a key part of how we grow, however, it is sometimes hard to let go of old ways. During my life I have been particularly good at letting go of things like jobs, careers, relationships and habits that are no longer good for me. However, over the last 3-4 years I have been holding on to things a bit more than usual. I am not interested in diving into more on why that is as I feel very ready to embrace change now and let go of what is no longer aligned with me.

I find that the very first thing to do when looking to embrace change is to let go. Let go of what I am holding as a sense of duty, or that I happen to be good at and of things that are no longer aligned as Rebecca’s quote describes. Once I let go of things a wonderful space opens up for more growth and more possibility.

One way that I do this is to ask myself ~ why am I doing this particular thing? Is it still aligned with me and what I want to create for myself in my life. This question seems to make many things clear for me very quickly.

I asked this question to myself about self coaching. Is self coaching on my triathlon journey still aligned with me, my journey and my goals and my answer was, no. So, I moved forward in hiring a fantastic coach to help me train on my triathlon journey. Self coaching was not working for me anymore as it had worked for me in the past. This was one of the best decisions I have made! I will be writing more about this in coming blog posts.

I also asked this question when it comes to my daily schedule and the things I do on a daily basis that are mostly habit and to support others. The answer that was clear to me on this was that it was no longer necessary for me to spend as much time doing the things that I have been doing. This includes the habits that I took on during 2020 and the pandemic. This has freed me up substantially to create new projects that are personally gratifying.

I encourage you to sit down and ask yourself is “this” is still aligned with me anymore or am I holding on to it because it’s familiar. It’s like spring cleaning for your life.

Habit can be a challenging block to change and I find that evaluating my habits and truly taking a deeper look at what I am doing and why ~ can really be a perspective changing experience.

Our world has changed substantially since the beginning of Covid and so has our human experience and each one of us has been changed. I see this as the perfect time to more deeply evaluate what is no longer aligned and what is rising in us to move towards.

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Is it Playing or Training?

Think of when we were kids. We didn’t consciously think of play as having goals, but we wanted to play for certain reasons: To have fun, to feel good, to engage with others (as limited as that may need to be right now), and often to accomplish something (build a fort, climb a tree, run to the end of the street faster than our friend) – all in the name of “play.”

_ Pam Goodley (wrote this awesome perspective on my FB page)

Someone recently asked me how I can do so much extreme training. How do I “train” so much and doesn’t that hurt and isn’t it a bit extreme. I thought about it over a few weeks and realized it’s ALL completely dependent on perception, age and what you feel is doable for what age range. For example, you would likely not think twice about a high school woman doing a bunch of swimming and trail running BUT it may be a bit less comfortable (or unusual) to see a 56 year old woman doing a bunch of swimming and trail running. Or we can go even younger. For example, a younger child running around outside with their friends for hours a day vs. a woman over 40 running around or outside on their bike playing with their friends for some hours. I feel that most all of this is coming from what has been the normal in our societies.

About playing vs. training:

When I was a child playing outside and running around, it was most certainly called playing. Now that I am still running around outside (at 56) why am I not still calling it playing and I’m calling it training instead? Hummmm….It’s a question I’ve been asking myself lately. Here’s the thing…the name we call something has a great power in the story we tell ourselves. That’s how I see it.

I am calling my swimming, biking and running “Training” because that’s what you call it when you are trying to get faster right? And that’s what you call it when you are “training” for something specific. I wonder where that label comes from. The other side of it is that “play” can mean not taking something seriously. But play sounds like fun!!

If anyone can think of a better word to describe all this play/training/fun then I’m up for hearing it for sure!! Send me your ideas ๐Ÿ™‚

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How I have adjusted my training nutrition in menopause

I am having solid success in creating lean muscle and reducing menopause fat. In this post I am sharing an important part of how I’m doing it. From peri-menopause through menopause and now almost post menopause I gained around 14 lbs (6.3 kilos). Most of this weight has been fat and most of it around my middle and breasts which is typical of menopause fat gain. The good news is I’m starting to loose the unwanted fat and regaining a healthier body.

As our estrogen drops in peri menopause, menopause and post menopause we become more sensitive to carbohydrates and at the same time more sensitive to cortisol rising. Both of these contribute to unwanted weight gain. Also, at the same time if we do not eat enough we can gain unhealthy fat during this time.

Before menopause I was not taking in enough daily. I was at approximately 1,300 calories a day which is REALLY low. I should have been getting in around 1,900. a day at least. So when menopause hit I felt it and saw it! I have had to adjust my nutrition tremendously during these last few years and that has included eating a lot more but eating different things too! However, right now I’m going to talk about how I had to adjust my training nutrition which has made a significant positive difference.

Athletes going through menopause benefit greatly from learning what works for them. It’s not exactly the same as regular menopause because we are adding the stress on the body of training which demands more nutrition and different kinds.

If you find you are gaining weight when you train more during menopause, like I was, below I share the reason why this happens and what I have done to reverse it.

The science:

When we do not give our body the carbohydrates it needs in training after our estrogen has begun dropping ~ our body will then store more fat in order to go into survival mode. When we were menstruating regularly before peri menopause not eating enough would cause hormone disruptions but not always fat gain. So, if you don’t fuel enough during your sessions the body gains unhealthy fat. I know this is counter intuitive but it’s real! I have experienced this first hand.

Also, our body needs protein immediately after training in order to stop the cortisol levels from rising. Cortisol is known as the belly fat hormone.

Here is my training nutrition and what has been working very well for me (which also lines up well with the science shared by Dr. Stacy Sims in her Menopause athlete class)

My bike training as an example:

We need to get in 1.3 -1.6 food calories per pound per hour. For me this is around 220 Cal.

This translates to 2.5 of my homemade Goddess Bites an hour. *see my video on my Goddess Bites

Before my ride I get in 10 grams of protein powder with 1/4 cup of organic brown rice milk and after a harder or longer ride I get in 40 grams of protein with a cup of brown rice milk. These doses of protein are key to muscle strength as well as recovery in keeping down our cortisol levels.

I experimented with all kinds of scenarios and the above has made the most positive difference so much so that I saw and felt the difference within a day! There is great science out there now on what we should be trying in order to adjust our training nutrition in menopause and post menopause in order to thrive.

Any questions or comments feel free to send me a message personally I would love to hear from you!

Be sure to add yourself to my email list on the sidebar for alerts on my new videos, posts and updates ๐Ÿ™‚

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Sharing My Journey Through Menopause As An Athlete (Video)

This is my first video for you on why I am sharing my journey through menopause as an Ironman athlete. It will be about sharing the very start of peri-menopause / menopause and post menopause.

I will begin posting more videos on this subject on my YouTube channel as well as my training and nutrition videos too. You may want to subscribe to get alerts for when I post.

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My Lessons Of A Warrior Woman From 20 Years on Wall Street (The Beginning)

In the late 80s I was the first female hire in the flagship Boston office of one of the largest Brokerage firms in the world at the time (of which will not be named :-). Yes you read it correctly the first female hire as a broker. Sure there were many female hires before me as what was called a registered assistants but not to be an actual stock broker as I was hired into (now called Financial Advisor or money manager).

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The Way Of The Warrior Woman ~ Commitment to Self

The Warrior Woman knows that her power and her wisdom comes from within and that it is learned through experiences. Those experiences come from many days of self commitment ~ of committing to her own growth in training her mind and her body. A Warrior Woman keeps the promises she makes to her self because she greatly honors her own journey.

Commitment to self includes honoring the promises we make to ourselves. This is an area that I am continually working on. Honoring our promises to ourselves is what builds trust and deeper self belief. It’s that same as if you kept your promises to someone else, they trust you if you continually keep your promises. The same goes for yourself.

The way that I see it is a Warrior Woman commits to training her body and her mind as well as honing her skills. These things then create our personal hero’s journey or our journey of personal growth. In order to achieve this growth we must learn how to keep our commitments that we make to ourselves. In my experience, this commitment to myself comes from keeping small commitments one by one until it becomes a habit. Once it is a habit it becomes easier to keep the larger commitments to myself.

Commitment to training is one of the first areas that comes to mind. Training takes dedication to self and an honor for my own personal development. I see daily training as a way to practice honoring myself and my journey. Even when I don’t feel like doing it I make it happen because of the promise I made to myself.

Where many people struggle the most is in their goals and dreams. It is sometimes challenging to keep them in sight when you know you will need to trust yourself to honor your journey every day. If you don’t trust yourself to stay on course then you will likely falter in reaching your dreams and goals. Or you may not even create them to begin with because you don’t trust yourself. The way that I have worked through this is to prove to myself that I can trust myself. I do this through consciously keeping my commitments that I make for myself and to myself. These day to day commitments have been building trust.

Once I figured out that self trust comes from keeping promises to self I then began working on keeping small commitments that I make for myself and I then experienced how it all works. One thing at a time and one day at a time I learned that I can build trust in my own self to keep my own promises to me.

A Warrior Woman keeps the promises she makes to herself because she honors her own journey, her heroes journey.

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Training Update ~ Menopause + Training

Training in menopause has been a journey of trial and error and understanding what works for me. It’s been a journey of awareness, patience and willingness to open my mind to change.

Our body changes when we enter perimenopause and many of the things that we were doing before stop working. For me it was like a wake up call to listen to my body and start doing the things that serve your body the best. Triathlon has been an extraordinary vehicle for me during this transition because it really prompted me to learn and understand what I should be doing in order to thrive during this transition.

The first thing I did was go into heavy research mode. I read everything I could get my hands on having to do with menopause athletes. Actually wait a minute! The first thing I did was fall into a bit of anxiety and depression and cried a lot for many months as I felt and watched my body change and experienced the feeling of being out of control. After I moved myself out of a short period of depression I then I went even deeper into my research by taking many hours of Dr. Stacy Sims classes including Women are not small men and Menopause Athletes. Both of these classes gave me more science as well as case studies. From there I experimented in my own training, nutrition & recovery as well as talked to many other athletes menopause and up. This has given me even more to go on when it comes to the practical side of implementing the science.

Through all of this I feel as though I am in some way trying to get the answers to things that my ancient ancestors actually already knew. We have forgotten all of this because of years of “being civilized” and years of women as 2nd class citizens.

Here are a few of the top line things that I have experienced work for me and also go inline with much of the research.

I need a good amount of intensity in my training plan ~ more than before. This is both strength work on the bike and run as well as HIIT intensity sessions. With the right amount of recovery added in too. I am feeling a significant difference with this kind of training now. I do more strength and interval work in my training.

More strength training because I can actually feel when I don’t do it I loose muscle!

Being aware of my stress levels as this seems to affect my body composition more than I expected. It’s crazy how I retain fat when my stress goes up! It’s a cortisol thing.

I have upped my protein which is helping me a lot in building strength. This one is the most challenging for me. I do take in whey isolate after my training sessions and it makes a significant positive difference.

I will be sharing here what is working and what is not working.