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Race Report Half Moon Bay Triathlon

Olympic Distance Triathlon 1700 yard swim / 25 mile bike / 6 mile run / May 2019 Conditions ~ Air temp 57F / Water temp approx 55F / Some wind (water with some chop and slight current going out to first buoy)

Time: 3 hours 0 minutes & 14 seconds / Racing age 55

Coach: Me 🙂 I’m a Coach / Nutrition Dr. Stacy Sims /


  • Big PR for Olympic Distance racing for me
  • Accomplished a faster swim and faster run than I expected
  • Nutrition & hydration was dialed in
  • Taper into this race was excellent and very dialed in
  • Mental Game was excellent
  • I feel like I have a lot more room for improvement which is a big positive for me
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Healthy & balanced creates real progress

The subject came up on our women’s Zwift ride today about the Ironman women who push themselves too hard ~ the women who are always injured and or sick because they push over the top. In this video I talk about the beginning of how to bring it back to balance.

Women should not follow the male model of overdoing the push in order to make progress there are awesome ways to make huge progress. Years of male sports has created a concept of push through everything and don’t stop just go over the top over and over. This model does not actually create real progress in sport. It creates injury, unawareness of body and progress and no awareness of the mind body connection. Let’s create the opposite ~ thriving progress which is far greater than anything that could be created in the outdated push push push model.

In this video I explain and give you a few things you can do and be aware of to get started on creating real progress.


Support your sisters

I choose to support my sisters.  We are at an important time in human history where the most effective way for our world to balance and heal is to support the healing and rise of the feminine to balance out our world.  Give your sisters the positive space and support they need in order to heal and use their voice.  It’s ok for other women to be different than you, let go of judgement and you will find that we will all thrive.  It’s ok if they look different, dress differently, wear their hair differently, talk differently and see things differently ~ diversity is a primal necessity for life to exists and evolve.   It is a scientific fact that diversity must exists in order for life to exist.  Centuries of ingrained patriarchy has shaped the actions, need for protection and therefore insecurities of the feminine on our planet.  Things are still very out of balance.  I choose to contribute to the rising feminine by supporting our sisters and holding space for them to thrive.

I am sharing my voice and my journey in order to contribute to the healing of women and hopes that is helps them share their voice and realize their potential. 


Don’t take on other peoples limiting beliefs

What stories are you buying into that other people are telling themselves? What beliefs are you taking on that are coming from other people? This is your reminder that YOU do not need to take on other people’s limiting beliefs. It is a fundamental truth that we take on the beliefs of those around us ~ yes even if you are aware that their beliefs are limiting it will still impact you much more than you think. Therefore, it’s extremely important you surround yourself with people who see the infinite awesome possibilities rather than the limitations.

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New beginnings new moon

I do a lot of what I call moon work. This is using the phases of the moon to create a healthy personal practice of manifesting with intention on what I want and letting go for things that are holding me back.

The new moon is about new beginnings, getting into the energy of the infinite possibilities and becoming clear as to what you want to manifest.

The simple version of this is to do a mini new moon ritual where you light a candle and write down what you want to bring forth in your life either over this phase from new moon to full moon or in general to create in your life. We put on music, light candles, usually light a fire and then draw and color and write in those drawings the words that describe our intention for this phase. I like to use very short descriptions and focus on specific words like: fun or healing or strength or something like that.

For many thousands of years humans have been using the phases of the moon. The moon has actual and real pull on our emotions and our bodies (just like the tides of the ocean) and using that natural rhythm can be a powerfully positive thing.

This photo is at our table on a recent new moon

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YOU are important!

“If you knew how much you impact the world by thriving you would shine your light and fill your cup every day”

You are important to the world. Shining your light is important to the world. You probably don’t realize how important it is that YOU thrive. In today’s society most of the emphasis is put on keeping yourself dim in order to help others. Society in general looks down upon self care and celebrates the care of others before self. This is especially true for women. We have lived in thousands of years of expectation that women take care of everyone else before they take care of themselves. This has been ingrained in our patriarchal culture for generation after generation.