Why so much fear of the ocean

I hear from so many people about their fears of swimming in the open water, especially the ocean.  All of the healing I have ever experienced for myself either emotional or physical has all taken place in nature.  Nature is the most powerful healing of all in so many ways.  So why are so many people afraid of it?  It’s because in our modern western life we live so unfortunately disconnected from nature ~ from the natural rhythms / from the healing power / from the actual pure power of her.  In our modern society most people are not in touch with nature at all ~ they get up and move around their houses then head to work which is most of the time indoors and then come back home to a house again. Many humans are so truly not used to nature that when it comes time to be in her or swim in her ocean or lakes it feels so strange and scary like suddenly they are in a strange land  ~ when actually nature is our home and our original home.  Yes it can feel exciting and give you a swift blast of the unfamiliar but it’s not something to be so afraid of ~ it’s just because many live muffled from nature.  So essentially being in nature is the most primal experience of all.  It’s where our energy and rhythm lies.  When you begin connecting much more to nature you will find it to be the most comforting and healing place of all.

One of my athletes a number of years ago had a great perspective on open water swimming, he said when you jump into the water it’s like mother nature giving you a great big hug.  I love this!

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